Photo Mode Updates Are Coming!

By Jason Ryan
on February 14, 2020

Good news, intrepid Explorer! 

Kindred HQ has been absolutely blown away by your hard work and progress charting the stars and probing the unexplored corners of our infinite universe. Since Kindred studies have repeatedly shown that explorers with a creative outlet are 20% less likely to succumb to Space Madness, we have decided to reward you with a fantastic firmware upgrade for your Cartographer’s Photo Mode functionality in a future update!

Man, listen. We’ve seen your pics. You need to loosen up a bit. 

I know, I know. I never know what to do with my hands in pictures either, but hopefully with this upcoming camera upgrade you’ll feel the confidence needed to mix it up a bit and show a little more personality. Seriously. Using the same rigid posture in every photo is not going to net you many right swipes on your Kindr dating profile, so why not try some new looks on for size? Options include:






More Filters!
And hey, maybe you’re so boring that even poses aren’t really enough to make people care about your snapshots. 

Not to worry! Nothing says “look at me, I’m a cute, quirky, dynamic space explorer” quite like a good filter, so we’re sending you a whole bunch more to fiddle with. Filters are a timeless, influencer-approved means of making yourself seem just a tiny bit more interesting. Just slap one on your humdrum picture and let their magic do the heavy lifting! Here’s just a small taste:

More To Announce Soon!
And we’re not stopping here! This is just a small part of Kindred’s Employee Appreciation campaign. Expect to hear more about this exciting care package in the coming weeks. We thank you once again for your hard work, and as always, stay alive and stay safe!